Simple Procedures

  • Receiving and processing documents
  • Follow-up of airport procedures
  • Delivery of goods to customer warehouses

Qualified team

  • Excellent practical competencies
  • Extensive experience in clearance
  • professionalism in accomplishing the work in full

Continuous communication with customers

  • Communicate in more than one channel
  • Create WhatsApp accounts to communicate with customers
  • Direct follow-up by management

Provide financial coverage

  • Opening a financial account for each customer
  • Financial coverage to speed work process and completion
  • Financial coverage suits business size

Good reputation and relations

  • Completion of the work in a high professionalism, which gets the confidence of customers concerned
  • Quick transactions processing that acquire good reputation by customers
  • Building relationships with shipping agencies is in the best interests of our customers

Modern and secure transportation fleet

  • We have modern, refrigerated and well-secured vehicles
  • Vehicles equipped with tracking systems and electronic map
  • Follow up to avoid delays in the transfer process