In addition to our nationwide Customs clearance services, Alraqi Aljadeed offers a complete solution covering all aspects of the clearance procedure, from collection at origin right through to door delivery.  At the Port of King Khalid Airport, we own a Customs certified office, customs professional officers and offer comprehensive cargo handling facilities including fast, efficient cross docking, container packing/unpacking, warehousing, vehicle handling as well as dry port services

Our ‘in house’ transportation fleet provides reliable and cost effective KSA delivery.  We also offer competitive rates for transport. As an independent family business, we are able to provide outstanding quality and a bespoke service to reflect our customers’ precise individual requirements.

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Welcome to Alraqi Aljadeed Est, widely acknowledged to be the ‘KSA’s Customs Clearance specialist’. We have been providing first class Customs clearance services to fellow freight professionals and KSA importers since 2013 with proven reliability.


Simple Procedures

  • Receiving and processing documents
  • Follow-up of airport procedures
  • Delivery of goods to customer warehouses

Qualified team

  • Excellent practical competencies
  • Extensive experience in clearance
  • professionalism in accomplishing the work in full

Continuous communication with customers

  • Communicate in more than one channel
  • Create WhatsApp accounts to communicate with customers
  • Direct follow-up by management

Provide financial coverage

  • Opening a financial account for each customer
  • Financial coverage to speed work process and completion
  • Financial coverage suits business size

Good reputation and relations

  • Completion of the work in a high professionalism, which gets the confidence of customers concerned
  • Quick transactions processing that acquire good reputation by customers
  • Building relationships with shipping agencies is in the best interests of our customers

Modern and secure transportation fleet

  • We have modern, refrigerated and well-secured vehicles
  • Vehicles equipped with tracking systems and electronic map
  • Follow up to avoid delays in the transfer process


: Alraqi Aljadeed Clearance Office

Almanar Mall , first Floor Office No.3

Al-Imam Ahmad Bin Hanbal St, An Nasim Al Gharbi, Riyadh 14223

: +966 (11) 238 1113
: +966 (11) 238 1113
: info@alraqialjadeed.com